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Adoption Procedure
We like to have a chat with you about the most suitable dog for you before re-homing. We require that you sign an adoption form before any of our dogs go home with you. This is to ensure a happy transition for you and your new dog. A dog requires a commitment from you in terms of time, money and attention. It is important to think about how you will pay for medical attention should your dog become ill, and who will take care of your dog if you are away.
We neuter as many of our dogs as funds allow before they leave our rescue, however if this cannot be arranged, then it is required that you have your new dog neutered as soon as possible after you take them home. If you would like to give one of our dogs a loving home please feel free to contact us. Our centre welcomes visitors 7 days a week. Directions can be found here. Please also visit our photo gallery of some of the dogs that have already been rehomed by Inistioge Puppy Rescue.
Current dogs for adoption!

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