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Calendar Dog Sessions

Does your dog love to be in front of the camera? If so, why not volunteer your dog/puppy for a Special Project to create calendars in support of Inistioge Puppy Rescue & the KSPCA.

Dogs of all shapes and sizes are needed however we would love to include the following breeds Pug , Boston Terrier , French Bulldog , English Bulldog , Chinese Crested Hairless and Powder Puff , Daschund , Chiuhiuha , Poodle , Malteese Terrier , White Boxer , Yorkshire terrier , Bernaise Mountain Dog. We also need some litters of puppies between 8-12 weeks old (must have had injections) . Maltese Terrier , Cavalier King Charles Spaniels , Pug (Fawn) , French Bulldog (Fawn), Chiuhiuha , Shitzu or similar light coloured dogs for special project .

Sessions will be for dogs and puppies only. Rescue dogs are especially welcome. Sessions will be complimentary however, portraits may be purchased at special rates. We will require a model release as images may be used for commercial work, including the calendar or part of an exhibition of Dog Photography.

Maria of Kilkenny
94 High Street

A wonderful opportunity to have your Dog Portrait created by the Irish Professional Photographers Association Pet Photographer of the Year.

Phone 056 7721012 , email or call into the Studio 94 High Street Kilkenny to book in.

Dept. of Agriculture Grant 2010

Puppy Rescue extends many thanks to The Minister for Agriculture, Fisheries and Food, Mr Brendan Smith, TD and the Dept. of Agriculture for their grant and continued support for our work in 2010.

New Year Message 2011!

Wow, another decade over! Puppy Rescue would like to wish everyone who has helped us a happy new year! Thanks to the many people who have donated and helped us in too many ways to count.

Many thanks,

Brenda and all the dogs

Photographer Maria Dunphy's Fundraising!

Many thanks to Maria Dunphy for her amazing efforts at fundraising for Inistioge Puppy Rescue. Maria created stunning portraits of your pets to help raise much needed funds that are essential to keep us going! Thanks Maria!

Our Organisation

Inistioge Puppy Rescue is a non-profit animal rescue organization based in Inistioge, Co. Killkenny, Ireland. Puppy Rescue is a home run organisation. Registered Charity No: CHY 13987

The aim of our organisation is to protect against and prevent animal cruelty and abandonment.

We provide temporary care for many pound dogs, as well as other unwanted pets, until such time as the animals can be suitably re-homed. We have a strict no-kill policy.

Make Room In Your Heart

I know that you still search for me
thin the room; by the fireside
Eyes alight with hope reflected
In the flames, and tears you’ve cried.

But I am not, and cannot be
Laid by your side another day,
For your bonded love has set me free
Letting my wounded soul fly far away.

But still I see you growing older
Day by day the greyness showing
In a world that’s getting colder
Each step you take; loneliness growing.

I also see my kindred kind
Who shiver and weep upon the path
Knowing not their state of mind
Betrayed by the humans that they had.

Thrown by bushes and left to roam
Or caged in pounds without a home
These lonely dogs know nothing of
The life we shared; the home; the love.

So now I need to ask of you
A friendly favour, perhaps overdue.
Won’t you open your heart to take one in,
And let the love of man and dog begin.

By Moya Muldowney, 20
20th January 2006

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